Nowadays online frauds have become more sophisticated and advanced. In what is being called by security researchersglobally as one of the greatest card dumps that have been discovered online as of late, as mentioned in a ZDNet report, payment card details of more than 1.3 million installment cardholders have been put online available to be purchased on Joker’s Stash, a site available on the dark web.

It has been discovered that most of the 98 percent of the card dump belongs to the Indian banks, while 1 percent has a place with Colombian banks, as uncovered by security specialists at Group-IB, which is an association that gives security arrangements against online frauds.

This is also the third biggest card dump this year in terms of size.

india-jokerstash webSite
Source: Group-IB

Group-IB informed that the cards are being sold at a top-level cost of $100/card, putting the hackers on the direction of making more than $130 million from their most recent sale.

If you don’t know, Joker’s Stash is a term used by security investigators to depict an online marketplace where developers put card details accessible to all for purchase and market he same as “card dumps”.

It’s one of the oldest places where significant cybercriminals dump card details for trade.
Offenders by and large, buy the card data to clone them and use the same at ATMs to drawback money.

Unknown Source Of Cards

Since the advert for the most recent cards was listed just hours back, Group-IB said they hadn’t had the opportunity to examine and investigate the source of a potential break.

Early data investigation recommends the card details may have been acquired utilizing skimming gadgets, introduced either on ATMs or PoS systems.

It’s because the card dump incorporates Track 2 information, generally found on a payment card’s magnetic stripe. The existence of this sort of information naturally precludes skimmers introduced on sites (Magecart attack), where Track 1 and Track 2 is rarely utilized.

Moreover, the cards fluctuated fiercely as far as issuing bank, originating from numerous banks, and not only one – eliminating the claim of a compromise of one single bank’s ATM system.

“For the occasion, Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence group has analyzed more than 550K card dumps from the database,” Group-IB wrote in a report shared only with ZDNet, and which the organization intends to distribute later.

Group-IB also revealed that what stood apart about the present card dump was its sheer size, with most comparable card dumps being a lot smaller in size, and ordinarily including card details from everywhere throughout the world.

For instance, the picture beneath is a promotion for a run of the mill Joker’s Stash card dump, involved information from various nations, instead of only one.

jokers stash sample

Fraudsters who purchase card dumps from Joker’s Stash regularly utilize the information to clone genuine cards and pull back cash from ATMs in alleged “cash outs.”

The present Indian card dump is the third significant card dump this year, as far as size is concerned after the ‘DaVinci Breach’ in which card details of 2.15 million Americans were leaked and the ‘Hy-Vee customer’ data leak of around 5.3 million cardholders.




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