Free Hacking Online Course is the one most sought after by beginners in the Ethical hacking Field. Well fantasizes about hacking expertise that is why we have tons of movies on Hacking. Every other person wants to learn hacking the system to impress others with their covert and unique skills.

Many want to make a career out of hacking by working as a white-hat hacker in various organizations or cybersecurity firms. There are tons of courses available online that are both free and paid. All those courses can teach you about Ethical hacking but if you are a beginner or you have recently developed an interest in Hacking then you should always start with some Free Hacking Course Online.

Here we have listed courses that can be accessed by learners of all skill levels starting from newbie to intermediate And experts. You can also use these courses to advance your career in this ethical hacking field.

1. Learn Ethical Hacking Online – (LinkedIn Learning)

This course is beneficial for everyone whether a beginner or you have some experience in this field and want to enhance your career further. This set of training courses are a delight and extremely useful for learners. Instructional trainers of this course like James Williamson, Scott Simpson and Malcolm Shore, Lisa Block take you through various parts of different topics like

Kali Linux

Footprinting & Reconnaissance,

Network Scan,


Common threats

Risk Identification

Session Hijack and many more.

When you are looking for the identification of vulnerabilities in infrastructure and the network of an organization, then this specialization will be the most important one. Also, you’ll learn about the ideal ways of addressing the problems and eliminate the chances of attacks and destructive incidents. The content of the course is listed out in a simple format so the learners and students can easily grasp the subject details. The first month is cost-free so anyone can start learning the course for free. The duration of this course is 32 hours.

2. Pen Testing And Ethical Hacking By Cybrary

Are you planning to make a career as a cybersecurity expert? If yes, then this is the targeted course which you should enroll yourself into without wasting any further time. This course series is also taught by world-renowned Ethical hacker Leo Dregier. It start from the introduction and goes towards the advanced and critical topics and ends with the certification. The entire course consists of 19 modules. The topics covered in this specialized course is as follows:

Data Collection

Scanning and Enumeration

Attack and Exploitation

Vulnerability Identification and Analysis

PenTest Planning

Denial of Service Attacks

Sniffing traffic

Malware Identification

Session Hijacking

Post Exploitation Hacking

The time required to complete this course is approx 23 hours. The topics covered in this course is thoroughly explained and well categorized. There is also an additional feature of on-demand videos and practical pre-tests for learners to improve their learning experience. You will also gain hands-on skills and mastery in this subject as Virtual Labs is also included in this course set.

3. Ethical Hacking Course For Beginners & Experts By Pluralsight

This course set is created to help learners to get an understanding of the core basic topics, tools, techniques, and jargon utilized in the domain of security. Learn and go through the 5 parts of hacking, and the procedure of identification of risks, and how to defend against them among the many others. 

The course content starts from the basics and gradually goes towards the more complex topics like cloud technologies, penetration testing, and cryptography. This course can be easily called a beginner’s material but learners are expected to have a strong grasp of TCP/IP and operating systems with at least a year of experience with network technologies. The duration of this course is approx 60 hours. The full explanations about the process of installing the required software and interface navigation.

This course also teaches about the process to extrapolate data, know the associated risks, and the real difference between a black hat hacker and a white-hat hacker or ‘hacking’ and ‘ethical hacking’.

A real-time implementation of all the concepts covered related to hacking is included so practical and theoretical learning is guaranteed.

4. Cybersecurity Certification By University Of Maryland (Coursera)

Cyber Security can be known as becoming a deeply important part of modern technology. As the systems and technologies improve the more security alternatives are coming up for extra protection due to a huge number of online threats. This Free hacking online course is created by the University of Maryland divided among 5 other sub-courses. The courses starts from the basics essential for developing a secure system. The different types of security types and system aspects are covered in the 5 sections. These types include Usable Security, Software Security, Cryptography, and Hardware Security. Finally, there is an existing project to be completed towards the end of the course. The major topics covered in this course are:

Software testing




Pen testing

User interface

Buffer Overflow

Number theory

Fuzz testing

SQL injection

Public-key Cryptography

Real-world examples are used to explain all the technical concepts. The course content is designed to help students gain practical experience in handling relevant tools and techniques precisely for hacking tasks. Ideally, this course program is developed for helping the students develop security-oriented logic and understanding.

5. Hacking and Patching Course And Certified By University Of Colorado

This course is considered An MOOC. It is a learning program from Coursera that specializes in teaching the techniques and practicing the tricks of hacking web apps by utilizing command injection. Also, you’ll be able to acquire knowledge of looking out for valuable information on Linux systems, loading, and hiding Trojans to be used in the future whenever the need arises.

This course is designed and developed to help learners get the functions of security design types, that can help them ignore injection vulnerabilities. Starting from hacking web applications to retrieving user passwords and other personalized data, there are lots of new and thrilling learning concepts for the learners.

Injection WebApps

Hack SQL Databases

Patch Web Apps using Injection SQL Vulnerability

Memory defenses and attacks

Pen Testing Among Others

This is the last course to be included In the list of Free Hacking Online Course online. So, to learn this course a fundamental knowledge of network security is required. There are over 20 videos included in this course program and ten readings, which covers all topics in detail majorly related to hacking.

Also, you’ll also get hands-on training to handle the Nessus scanning tool, Kali Linux Pen-testing Tool, among many others. This course is especially beneficial for Computer programmers, IT professionals, Security professionals, and Managers.


So we conclude with the list of Free Hacking Course Online Today, pretty much every prominent company welcomes ethical programmers to test and examine the security of their organizations. An ever-increasing number of corporations have started to put impressive sums of capital in reinforcing the security of their product and services. Getting Certified in ethical hacking is an ideal method to take advantage of this ever-expanding market demand.

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