Best Free Gaming Apps consists of a huge list of free apps available on the web. But we have selected some of the greatest apps for our visitors. As You can play video games through different mediums these days—a home console, your smartphone or tablet, streamed over the internet around the world.

Many people are addicted to online games (some are hardcore retrogamers) generally for these people loading up different types of new devices with online games is the most important thing to be considered in order to pass time when doing different chores. 

The games listed here can be addictive, some may just look silly or simple but can get you hooked on for multiple hours. Here we have listed out the best 15 hand-picked gaming apps.

Best Free Gaming Apps

1. Angry Birds 2

The first game to be added to the list of best free gaming apps is the legendary ..The Angry Birds – this series has extended all over and has become so popular and mainstream that it can’t be ignored by any game enthusiast.

Still, we like to hold on with the basics of the world’s best bird flinging game. Angry Birds 2 (Available on iOS, Android) provides you exactly the same thing mentioned in its name – Utilizing the slingshot to fling birds at the piggies’ towers and bring them towards the ground crashing – all just to save the precious eggs.

2. Robot Unicorn Attack 2

This game began as quite early on the Website Adult Swim. It can be considered as one of those not so meaningful games: How can jumping and dashing as a robot be amusing? We cannot explain with the help of a particular reason but, yet we can’t quit playing this awesome game. The music will get old inevitably, however it merits a listen at first, adding to a pleasant feeling.

3. Bubble Witch 3 Saga

The developer of the popular game candy crush has also developed another popular game. The Bubble Witch game series has proven to be the real defender and guard when the focus comes to shooting related games and matching games related to puzzles. The latest version of Bubble Witch 3 Saga, is now available on and Android iOS.

4. Bejeweled Blitz

Here is a Bejeweled game! It has its beginnings in Facebook- where it was first started and you can still connect to your Facebook account to compete with friends and partners. If you’re new to this game called as Bejeweled, you’ll catch up very fast. You need to match 3 or more gems in a row to collapse the rows and collect big prizes and alternative booster options.

5. Mortal Kombat 5: Blackout

This game is Modeled after the legendary Call of Duty series created for game consoles and modern PCs, Modern Combat 5 is Gameloft’s mobile first-person shooter. The game lays you down into the shoes of an elite super-soldier assigned with the tasks of taking out different terrorists in various areas before a final showdown with their hardcore villain-like leader. What another thing you want here.

6. Drop7

This is a puzzle game that just takes a moment to get your basics clear but will get you hooked very quickly. mostly same when compared with another similar game Tetris, here the discs fall from above, and you arrange them on the grid. By the Usage of their numbers to match the right disc towards the right column if mostly possible. So here the point to be noted is even If the board fills up before you explode your discs, you will definitely lose!

7. Real Racing 3

As the name suggests, you will feel a supercar ride with this extraordinary racing game. Using real-world cars, vehicles and tracks, Electronic Arts (EA) has captured the adventure of car racing as a dominating niche in gaming. Discover what its truly similar to hit a bend excessively quick or come up excessively close on an adversary’s car, or learn to direct the trouble that accompanies making fundamental and required fixes in real-time.

8. Snake Vs Block

This game is considered as very easy to play but difficult to reach top scores. You need to guide your snake through hurdles as you add more segments and break new blocks in Snake VS Block, available for free on both Android and iOS Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additional balls and make the biggest snake ever.

9. Temple Run 2

This highly famous and addictive game named Temple Run puts endless runners on the map, and the sequel here upgrades the graphics to the next level and adds new barriers, accomplishment, and power-up options. Just download Temple Run 2 for free on iOS and Android Now.

10. Toon Blast

This game known as Toon Blast is very similar to Candy Crush, except you have the option of blowing up everything up rather than matching candies. The most interesting part of this game is the ability to combine power-ups to unleash combos towards the finish line of each level. Get it on iOS and Android Now for Free.

11. One More Dash

This popular game known as One More Dash is the topmost game for those who have already ingrained a strong sense of timing. You will play this game as a circle developing its way up the screen of your devices like smartphone and tablet by jumping across other, bigger circles with a tap over the screen so the main issue here is – these types of larger circles are controlled by rotating walls nails that pressurize to disrupt your simple yet amusing journey.

12. World of Tanks

You get to choose from a huge section of tanks available from al over the world and enter real like battlefields, where you’re forced to take on opposing tanks while obtaining checkpoints. This game can be easily defined as a major team-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) dedicated to a powerful tank combat-based game, so it can get really entertaining and addictive.

13. Marvel Mighty Heroes

You can handpick a team of three Marvel series heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow, etc from a range of other options available and begin to start their highly specialized skills into multiplayer fights against famous Marvel series villains like the Kree. This game is a bit small on storyline, but the graphics provided are extraordinary, the user control system is easy, and the physical action is superfast, as these battles rarely last till a minute.

14. Wordscapes

This game will help you revive your past word-related game history whether in school, college, or any other place. If you used to play Words with Friends, previously there are chances that Wordscapes (Android And iOS) will rock you back in. This game tells you to solve a word search to fill-up a crossword; which looks quite simple and fun but it is highly addictive.

15. Two Dots

Connect the dots combined perfectly only to eliminate barriers and hurdles to complete your main goal. This game, for Android and iOS can look very simple and easy but it becomes more difficult once additional requirements and rules are added and your moves become very limited.  

16. Dungeon Hunter

Still Back with the “hack n’ slash” aesthetics of the previous version of Dungeon Hunter installments, Dungeon Hunter 5 will track your development as a medieval bounty hunter, cutting up monsters into half and other assorted disgusting characters with different types of personalized weapons, while you carry the loot along your way.

17. Color Road

This is another well known and last game to be added to the list of best free gaming apps – Color Road! It is a very simple concept—control of a rolling ball while you gather balls that are of the same color and ignore those that are of various colors. Still, the struggle level swiftly builds up as you go. Go and download it on iOS and Android Now.

18. PUBG Mobile

The official PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is designed solely for mobile. Play this extremely famous game for free anywhere, anytime. This game can be called as the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action game on the mobile phone. Get in, focus, and compete. You will have to survive a massive 100-player intense battles, payload mode and high-speed 4v4 team zombie modes and Deathmatch alternatives. 

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