An Owner or a maintainer of a website and Internet researchers must be very familiar with the Wayback machine but not about the various Wayback Machine Alternative sites. Wayback [Internet Archive]is characterized as an archive(digital) of the World Wide Web (WWW) and other data on the Internet created by the Internet Archive(a non-profit organization). Netizens can track the look and timely changes of any website since 1996 to present by using the Wayback machine.

Archived Digital content can be easily accessed within Internet Archive. If you are eager to find out information that is presently not available on the website then you can see that in Wayback machine. Nearly 10 billion web pages are archived. Many websites who have changed their User Interface now, so you can even look out for past structure and design/ UI of your favorite websites through different saved snapshots which is never deleted.

There In The Internet Archives, Netizens can also check out “Web Pioneers” Collection for the websites which were considered very important in earlier days of the Internet.

Market And Product research companies often look out the Internet archives for past performance reasons and further developments and also for competitor analysis. But Wayback has some limitations, for example, it is very slow and unresponsive on a lot of crawlable websites. So, here we are listing many other alternatives to Wayback that can be considered more efficient. There can also be a certain time when Wayback is unavailable or hangs up or goes down completely. In this scenario, you need to look out for other options available. Here are the best alternative sites to the [Internet Archive] Wayback Machine. Let’s Start With The List –

1. Stillio

Link –

This site displays the coding structure including the screenshots of a particular site that can be easily shared. Alexa is the tool from which this site gathers its vast data source. Stillio is a one-stop-shop for all services like website analysis improvement suggestions. The other facilities provided by this site is – you can look for the analytics, SEO directives and technical issues, the internet, statistics, and overall traffic of a website. But it has a limited number of features as an alternative to Wayback machine.

2. Webcite

Link –

Webcite provides a variety of features that makes it one of the most helpful and desirable alternative. Both your site as well as your competitor website can be analyzed on this website. Specifically, it also provides social media archiving of any website on the Internet. With the help of this facility, you can look out the social media mentions at what place and a particular time. A complete information about you is needed fr accessing this site. It has the most features available among most other archive platforms so it makes a good use for you.


Link –

One of the best Machine Learning archive website and alternative to Wayback. It is considered as a time travel for web pages. It stores ‘snapshots’ of web pages, other data, and graphical details even if the website is unavailable or vanishes completely. This site takes the coding information as well as the screenshot of the site while archiving it. Though there is certainly a drawback of this site as it’s archived pages are accessed their crawlers. It is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface and easy navigation like the two search bars – red for archived content and blue for saved snapshots.

4. iTools

Link –

iTools stands out of the crowd when compared with other Wayback machine alternative‘s as it provide the complete information of a particular website including website analysis. It uses Alexa to provide important traffic data. This tool helps develop and get SEO strategies, analytics and Internet traffic for your own site. So, this is more than an Internet Archive.

5. Yubnub

Link –

Yubnub gives you a sneak peak into the competitor’s strategies of marketing through screenshots, social media activity and other emails/promotional campaigns. You can use this data to replicate the successful strategies or build your own better strategy for marketing victory. You will need to signup on this site to view all the details for upto 60 days as that is the limit for free signup facility. You can find the screenshots of all the sites excluding the HTML. You can mention this site as similar to Screenshots

6. DomainTools

Link –

DomainTools is an online Web WHOIS service to find out the full information about any website. It also provides information on the history of hosting and all the previous IP addresses of the websites. It is a completely free service that displays the screenshots of all the archived websites.

7. Perma

Link – is a web archiving platform and app maintained and created the Harvard Law School Library. It is a subscription-based model where you can see details of all the sites according to your choice. It also provides social media archiving and users can be assigned to any organization just by submitting the user’s email address in this cloud-based system. Here you have the option of creating Parma that visits the website and create a record of content of that exact website. Anyone can get access to permalinks via its different levels of subscription. linkhelps view archived records.

8. Memento Time Travel

Link –

Memento time travel is organized in such a way that it helps you to search and view versions of all the different webpages that existed in the past. It supports finding Mementos in web archives. It surely check out the whole range of location-based servers to reach and search web pages. You can see a bar chart provided which displays the checked and missing content on the website.

9. Pagefreezer

Link –

The best-automated website for taking screenshots and snaps of all the websites. It is a SaaS service that archives all the blogs, social media, and other websites. It also captures online conversations to ensure and monitor the risks involved in big transactions. It validates the authenticity of your records. Archiving of SMS or text messages is available. Past web activities and online pages on the web can be accessed on-demand. It can also capture internal social media networks.


The bestest wayback machine alternative websites of 2020 are listed above with with if help of which you can understand competitor development, access all the deleted data and can access content of non-functional websites. let us know if you have more websites to share in the comments below.

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