If you are looking to recover deleted files from your USB drive without using any software, there are some steps you can do. First of all, avoid changing your flash drive. Instead of downloading WinfrGUI, a free pen drive recovery tool that effectively solves various pen driver issues, try following these other methods, which have a 95% to 100% success rate on USB flash data recovery free.

Part 1: Download USB Free Flash Data Recovery Tool

To recover deleted files, corrupted form files or files with incorrect formatting, you can download pen drive recovery software to your PC. This software can fix pen drive I/O issues, virus attacks, and disk formatting. Do not forget to use your pen drive after receiving data loss as this will increase your chances of successfully recovering your content without causing any damage.

Step-by-step tutorial for this free data recovery tool.

  • Step 1: Download and install WinfrGUI, then connect your USB drive to your PC and start the program.
  • Step 2: Give the application enough time to scan files on your pen drive.
  • Step 3: First look at the missing files, then select the target device such as your computer’s hard drive to save the recovered data.

Part 2: Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive Without Software – 3 Free Tips

  • Use Windows Backup and Recovery: Go to Control Panel, then system and secure and choose Switch and Restore. Then you can recover files from previous backups.
  • Recover Previous Version: Right-click on the USB drive and select “Restore Previous Version”. If no previous version is available, please try creating a new folder or file on your flash drive to make sure that previous versions are accessible, as shown in the video manual that comes with it.
  • Follow the instructions to retrieve deleted files from the USB drive. Run the command “cmd attrib -h -r -s /s /d” and watch the video for more instructions.

If no previous methods were successful in recovering your pen drive data, you may need to consider using a highly professional driver recovery tool.

Part 3: How to recover data from an invisible USB drive?

Do you have a problem finding files on an unknown pen drive? Here are two common situations associated with recovering invisible files on pen drives:

  • Recovery from Unrecognized Pen Drive: When your pen drive is not detected, it may be due to human error, virus attack, or improper use. Begin by accessing disk management and searching for your pen drives. Avoid connecting or linking new pen drive to make sure the USB port works properly. If there is no damage to the chip and WinfrGUI can detect the device, you can proceed with the recovery process.
  • Deleted Data Recovery: If your pen drive is unknown and all information seems to be missing, please go to the Folder Options in your computer’s toolbar to make sure all hidden files and focus are visible. Alternatively, you can scan your pen drives with antivirus software to check if there are hidden or corrupted files.

Part 4: Probability of USB Drive Recovery

  • File editing: With WinfrGUI, your chances of recovering deleted files from your pen drive are impressively high, ranging from 95% to 100%. When data is delete, it won’t be completely erased until the new file rewrites it, which will increase the chances of successful recovery.
  • After formatting: The chance of recovering after formatting depends on whether new information is saved to the pen drive. If there is no new information or disk operation such as chkdsk or defrag has been carried out after formating, you can recover more than 90% of the data.
  • Part or no recovery: If you save new data on the same drive you lose your files, some of the recovered files may be corrupted, reducing the chances of successful recovery.
  • Physical damage: In case your pen drive is severely damaged, software-based recovery options are often ineffective. In such situations, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional data recovery specialist.

Common USB Flash Drive Errors and Problems

To manage USB drive errors and prevent data loss effectively, try the following:

  • Avoid formatting drives immediately and instead use reliable diagnostic and repair procedures.
  • USB Drive Recognition Problem: If your computer fails to detect your USB flash, it may be because of a virus infection, driver damage or other factors. Run a comprehensive antivirus scan on all of your drives to identify any possible infection.

Bonus Tip: Protection against data loss on USB flash drives

To minimize the risk of loss of data on your USB flash drive, consider the following steps:

  • Manage a regular backup of your USB drive to avoid permanent data loss.
  • Install the latest antivirus software, update your operating system, and improve both.
  • Protect your USB drive from physical damage by keeping it in a safe place.
  • Use power protector to prevent data damage due to unexpected power outages.
  • Always remove your USB flash drive safely before unplugging to avoid possible data loss.

If you lose data on your USB flash drive again, please consider using a free USB data recovery tool such as WinfrGUI. Keep in mind that protecting it is better than recovering.

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