The wait is over with Apple’s iPhone launch. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max—hit the stores recently, but as is common, Apple has lifted the reviews ban a couple of days early so the word can get out about how the new gadgets handle in reality. And if the latest reviews on different platforms are considered, Apple is once again successful in launching the iPhone even if it has the same basic design for this year.

In general, the reviews have mostly commended the battery life on the new iPhones, as they have up to Five hours more battery life than the previous model and even the low price of the iPhone 11. It also have great security features built-in.

The cameras of both iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series are also praised in the reviews. iPhone 11, the successor to the iPhone XR, comprises a new dual-lens setup that offers a wide and telephoto lens, while the iPhone 11 Pro series features a triple-lens feature with wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lenses.

Here Are The Reviews From Some Prominent Platforms:


The iPhone 11 takes nearly everything that makes the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max unique and presses it down into a bundle that is $50, not exactly a year ago’s a cheap model. It’s presumably not worth purchasing in the event that you have an iPhone XR or XS, yet for every other person, it’s the most effortless approach to experience present-day flagship iPhone entertainment without losing $1,000.


How about we get this away from the beaten track front and center: iPhone 11’s Night Mode is incredible. It works, it analyzes amazingly well to other low-light cameras, and the exposure and color interpretation is top tier, period.

I have this unusual litmus test I put each new telephone camera through where I take it on a dull ride, as Winnie the Pooh, to check whether I can get any really sharp usable picture. It’s an incredible test as the black light is mostly on, the vehicle is moving, and the subject is moving. Up until this point, I have succeeded precisely multiple times. In any case, the iPhone 11 Pro pulled it off. Not immaculate, however truly amazing everything considered.

The Verge

After subsequently using an iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for as far back as a week, I might suspect they are more than something of a multiple slightly updated parts. These are the absolutely well-adjusted, most capable phones Apple—or anybody—has ever constructed. They have fantastic battery life, processors that should keep them important for quite a long time to come, completely wonderful displays, and another camera system that by and large outflanks each other cellphone, which will most probably get much better with a guaranteed software update later this fall. Overall it is one of the finest camera phones with superb battery life. Mainly buy it as Apple has already dropped the price of this new Phone.


The iPhone 11’s battery life is excellent, because it’s LCD screen extracts less power, partially due to the much efficient A13 Bionic chip, and partly because the battery in it is bigger than the battery in last year’s iPhone XR or XS (though iPhone Max models have the biggest battery life). Last Friday, I unplugged the iPhone 11 at midday, and it was completely charged. I use my Phone heavily; I receive lots of notifications, I watch videos, Use maps a lot, and I usually turn up the display’s brightness. Still, during bedtime that night, I still had 56% battery life. So At 10 am Saturday, I set out to run some tasks with the phones battery displaying at 46 % and hit the 20 % “battery low” stamp while I was going for my dinner that evening.

The Express

There was a desperate wait for the Apple iPhone 11 among the masses. It is one of the fastest phones out there in the market where all credit goes to the new A13 Bionic processor, this also helps in extending the battery life with an extra hour when compared with the iPhone XR- A Battery Life superstar.

This phone also has a good camera upgrade feature added to its kitty which will help fans to shoot images with the help of an an ultra-wide lens and the alternative to include the vivid bokeh-style blur many of your images.

However, the most differentiating feature of this model is it’s Night Mode. The setting is an ultimate euphoria, and you’ll be really astonished by how good it works—there’s no question it will switch the way you shoot images mainly when the lights get dim.


Instead of making shocking changes which enthrall us with exploratory features, Apple is precisely making developments that make everyday use much better. It’s never like that when you need to flip your existing iPhone and buy a new one. —instead, Apple always keeps improving the phones a little bit every year, so when you are bored of the old phone you always have the option to buy a new iPhone just to be delightfully surprised by the betterness of the new version of the phones.

The Sun

None of the Phone I have ever used was better than this one. It was difficult to find faults in the last year’s model. Now with a few pulls, the iPhone 11 Pro can be considered as an old iPhone on energy boosters. Every degree of this Phone is built for real super performance. The processor is classy, the camera is exceptional, and the design feels both realistic and new. It’s likewise a stacked spring, prepared to fly with more Apple tricks. Many global App makers are planning to take advantage of increased processing power as we are discussing. Also, expect the camera to be improved with Deep Fusion tech via an update.

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