There are lots of books written on the subject of this upcoming advanced technology named as Internet of Things (IoT).  If you repeatedly ask this question – What does IoT mean? … then you would like to know the necessary resources which can be books or other online/offline courses related to this technology. Though there are many courses available on the Internet nowadays, books are still considered an evergreen resource to learn any new technology or a particular subject/topic. 

Best Internet of Things (IoT)Books:


1. Building The Internet of Things – Maciej Kranz

This book is directed towards practical aspects for front line business decision-makers who want to change the current scenario and take advantage of this latest transformational technology to implement IoT tech for physical business benefits.  There are detailed concepts of IoT effectively in use cases of business, strategy, and organizational outlook.

You will learn how to design a viable IoT plan that is inclusive of your organization’s strategy and direction and the complete implementation of that strategy into your business or company/ organization. 

This book also inspects  the way IoT is being utilized as of now and it’s usage in the future―to help you design an effective and strong plan for your company.  In this book, you will be able to-

  • In-depth Knowledge of the Internet of Things
  • Create a secure IoT recipe that is suitable for your company’s needs.
  • Capitalize on the developments while routing differences from others
  • Strengthen the technical, and organizational impact of IoT

2. IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy – Bruce Sinclair

This is a must-have book which provides in-depth details into the world of IoT – it’s exact working and how it can transform your business, clients, and competitors for your benefit. This book covers all the points necessary for the implementation of a robust IoT strategy. 

Bruce Sinclair has been helping companies develop powerful IoT strategies for a decade and help companies expand their growth and adapt to the changing IoT concentrated environment.

IoT wave is heading across all industries so you only have the option of riding it and getting successful or just let it immerse you in it.


3. The Amazon Way on IoT – John Rossman 

This book will give you all the required knowledge needed i.e the amalgamation of sensors, cloud computing, and machine learning techniques that can be utilized for the improvements of customer acquisition/satisfaction, building new business models. 

It’s for business leaders and heads  who want to learn technical cases, important concepts, tools and technologies mainly to help develop, describe and fully implement their independent strategy.

The author Mr. Rossman has been a leader at Amazon since it’s formative years so you can expect to have a great detailed in-depth explanation about how this giant company became highly successful.

He details extensively how to give focus on the sophisticated IoT technological strategies related to Amazon’s rise to the pinnacle through handling tens of millions of large stock items and other breakthrough customer service innovations like “one-click”.


4. IoT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols, And Use Cases For IoT – David Hanes, Gonzalo Salgueiro

In this book, you can find out the practical reference of implementing IoT from five leading Cisco experts. IoT Fundamentals presents together proper detailed knowledge which was earlier available only in white papers, standards documents, technology Journals—or nowhere at all (hard to find information)

The authors starts to review high-level overview of key concepts needed to design and develop high-quality IoT solutions. They will detail about ever technical development block that combines into overall IoT strategy.


5. Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things – Timothy Chou

This is a complete Book on the subject of IoT that will provide the insights from implementation of technology directly from the technical field as well as business aspects combined within.
This book composes of 2 inner smaller parts or mini-books ;
(a) Principles & Practices
(b) Solutions

Dr. Timothy has created this book to introduce everyone to the basics of the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The first part – Precision: Principles and Practices – tells about vendor-neutral and acronym-free framework. Dr. Chou goes on to tell the fundamental principles of the framework and apply these principles into practice.

The second part of the book – Precision: Solutions – allows the author’s IoT framework into practice featuring 14 real-world solutions for manufacturers developing precision machines and companies utilizing these machines to receive precision strengthened business results.


6. IoT and Edge Computing for Architects: Implementing edge and IoT systems from sensors to clouds with communication systems, analytics, and security – Perry Lea

In this book, you will Learn to design, implement, and secure your IoT infrastructure. It’s the second edition where there is a revision and addition of edge computing.

Features of the book –

  • Develop a full IoT system that best fit’s for your organization
  • Learn about various concepts, technology, and businesses in the IoT architectural pyramid
  • Learn the theory and implementation of each important element that includes IoT design

7. Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT: Expert machine learning and deep learning techniques for developing smarter IoT systems – Amita Kapoor

This book describes how to Build smarter and technologically advanced systems by combining artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things―the present hot topics 

This book will tell how to Leverage the power of different Python libraries such  to work with real-time IoT data.

It tells how to Process IoT data and outcomes in real-time to build smart IoT models and also Covers practical case studies on industrial IoT, smart cities as well as home automation systems. 

This book starts with the process of collecting and pre-processing IoT data gathered from different sources. You will be learning multiple AI techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing to develop smart IoT systems.

By leveraging the power of AI to handle real-time data coming from wearable devices. You will proceed further learning in the book – techniques for building models that work with distinct kinds of data produced and consumed by IoT devices such as  images, videos, time-series and audio will be covered. Finally, towards the end of this book you will be able to build  and develop smart AI-powered IoT applications with ease.


To Conclude We Just Hope that we have covered the necessary all the top notch books related to IoT. If you have any suggestions or would like to add any other books to the list above and maybe we would have left out here then feel free to mention in the comments section below. 


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