Everyone wold like to buy an NVIDIA if given a chance. But as the stock is out of reach for many individuals, we would like to list out some top Artificial Intelligence Stocks Under $10 which will help you save your cost of the investment. Risk-tolerant investors will find these unheralded stocks to be attractive because they offer substantial upside. Thanks to the constant pioneering development and work in artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI related companies are in-demand now-a-days. These are all high-risk stocks that needs a tough heart to deal with.

Duos Technologies Inc – DUOT

The company specializes in designing, developing, and delivering AI-based security, safety, and analytic solutions in North America. The company offers innovative solutions to transforming critical infrastructures in retail, law enforcement, transportation, oil and gas, and utilities. With a strong portfolio of intellectual property and expertise in rail transportation, duo’s Technologies has the potential to become a successful long-term AI player.

Innodata Inc – INOD

It is a leading data engineering company with operations in the United States. Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning models. In a Data helps clients solve complex data challenges and develop effective marketing strategies. With a market cap of 100 and 70 million dollars and a stock price under ten dollars. Innodata is an underpriced pure AI with significant growth potential.

Cootek Cayman Inc – CTK

This company is a big data-driven mobile Internet company that develops and offers software applications built with AI and machine learning technologies. Its popular product. Touch palsmart Input, is an aibased alternative input method for mobile devices. Kutch monetizes its software portfolio through advertisements and offers a range of apps including health and fitness apps, online literature apps, and casual games. With a market cap under 50 million dollars and a stock price under one dollar. Cootek Cayman presents an affordable investment opportunity.

Remark Holdings – MARK

It is an AI company that develops AI-based solutions for various industries, including retail, banking, education, entertainment, and public safety. The company also operates a digital media business that delivers dynamic content to aid marketing efforts. With a promising future and a recent stock price pullback, Remark Holdings offers an attractive entry point for investors.

Qudian Inc – QD

Qudian Incorporated is a Chinese company that provides small consumer credit products online—utilizing big data-enabled technologies such as AI and machine learning. Chain transforms the consumer finance experience by offering cash credit and merchandise credit products with a platform for loan recommendations and referral services. Chain is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for consumer finance solutions in China.

Lantronix – LTRX

Lintronics Incorporated offers software as a service or SAAS engineering services and hardware solutions for edge computing. Internet of All Things, and remote environment management. Its IoT products enhance electronic systems and equipment’s connectivity, functionality, and security. Lyntronic serves a global customer base and is well positioned in the Internet of All Things or IoT space for future growth.

Rekor Systems – REKR

Rekor Systems is a leader in transforming public transportation system management software and data in the United States. The company utilizes AI technology to enhance efficiency and data analysis in the transportation sector. With a focus on intelligent transportation solutions, Rekor Systems has significant growth potential.

AudioEye – AEYE

Audio Eye is an arizona-based digital accessibility platform that aims to make content available to everyone. Through its Holistic Solution setup, legal compliance features and unique attributes, it is leading the way in assisting the estimated 67 million people in the US with disabilities and a total of one billion worldwide. It has an impressive base of over 80 thousand customers and continues to secure more each quarter. This presents a massive opportunity for potential earnings, not to mention exponential growth potential for the company’s stock. The firm continues adding more customers and revenue, contributing to the overall growth trajectory with promising results. This remarkable customer engagement marks a fantastic milestone for the company as it eyes this vast and untapped opportunity in the market.

Nio Inc – NIO

It is a smaller Chinese manufacturer that often steals the limelight. The company is expanding domestically and internationally in the US and Europe. Nio has three main product categories: sports cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and sedans. Nio manufactures innovative vehicles that combine traditional and autonomous driving capabilities. The company is currently working on the Eve fully autonomous station wagon.

Fiscal Note Holdings – NOTE

FiscalNote helps clients stay on top of policy and regulatory updates, stay informed of news and events, and create advocacy campaigns. It uses AI, ML, analytics, and peer research to create a suite of tools that can be tailored to federal, state, and local governments, as well as businesses of any size or scope. The stock has a 6-out-of-10 “buy” rating from analysts, with one “hold” rating. Insider and institutional investors have been piling into the stock over the last year.

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