There are different file formats that we use daily, and each file format has a specific purpose. Professional and work-related documents are usually converted into PDF file format because PDF document looks neater and is considered more secure than other document types. Whereas other document types can be opened and edited without any hassles, PDF’s cannot be edited or changed unless it is changed or converted into another document type. There are several online file converters for PDF and several other formats, but not all of them do a good job. In most cases, a poor file converter would change the overall alignment or formatting instead of converting it as it is. In this article, we would look at the top 5 file converters recommended and easy to use.

File Converter List

1. Onlineconvertfree

Website – is one of the first and best file converters we have in our top file converters list. This software was founded in 2018, and as the name of the converter suggests, it is free. Most file converters would give you the option to convert a couple of files, but after a while, they would ask for money to get a subscription or buy a premium membership, but this is not the case with Our services are free to anyone who wants to utilize them.

This software is one of the best in the business because you can convert any document, image, video, e-book, and archives. There are over 1500+ total conversions possible if you calculate it. The documents conversion along supports up to 70+ formats, which means going from one file type to another is going to take a matter of seconds. Another great feature of is the 15 language support on its website, unlike English for most other online converters. This feature is more of a necessity than a luxury as it will provide ease to several people who are unknown to English.

2. Zamzar

Website –

Zamzar is another excellent file converter that we recommend. The name Zamzar is based on a character from a book in which he transforms into an insect. Zamzar being a pretty good file converter, we see why this name makes sense. Zamzar states its mission as to provide the highest and easiest form of file conversion for several file formats. The best part about this software – it’s similar to most other file converters these days, so thereis not need for this to be installed as software into your computer; instead, you can simply use it online.

Zamzar makes a pretty bold claim of converting any type of conversion under 10 minutes, which is excellent because this may be a video conversion. There are over 12000+ various formats for the users to choose from, making them able to convert any file into anything. Zamzar provides convenience to their users by offering online support, due to which they can convert files pretty much anywhere they go, as long as there is an internet connection.

There are three steps for the file conversion in Zamzar, starting with the “Add Files” in which you drag or upload the file that is to be converted. The second step is choosing the format you want to convert, and lastly, pressing the “Convert Now” function will get you the converted file.

3. Convertio

Website –

This is another excellent file converter. It can easily handle file conversions from PDF to Word, HTML, PowerPoint, PNG, EPUB, and hundreds of other formats. This software converter focuses on delivering some of the best results after conversion, especially in the PDF segment. Most users who visit an online file converter these days, intend to get their PDF converted to some other file format. PDF conversion can be a bit tricky, and Convertio knows that precisely; that is why they have designed their file conversion algorithm to be the best in providing high quality and error-free conversions.

Apart from the PDF conversion, there are several other file types that you can convert into using Convertio. This also includes videos, audio, e-books, and many others. Including all the file types, there are over 300+ conversion formats available on the officialwebsite. Convertio can also be used online to convert files instead of installing it on your PC. All the conversions happen online on the cloud, which will result in zero storage consumption from your PC.

4. UniPDF

Website –

In the list of the most reliable and trusted file converters, next, we have the UniPDF. UniPDF is one of the easiest to use file converters. The interface of UniPDF is straightforward and can be used to convert various files, including PDF, DOCS, PowerPoint, HTML, and hundreds of others.

UniPDF takes mere seconds to convert your file into any desired format you want. One downside of UniPDF is that it’s not available online which means you can’t visit their website and convert the file through the internet instead, you need to download the software, install it and then be able to use the file. However, the downloading and installation process is pretty simple.

The installer file is provides a guarantee to be free of any sort of malware or spyware. UniPDF also supports various languages other than English, which means that people from different regions can use this software.

5. Go4Convert

Website –

Another excellent online file converter that can be used with ease to convert various document files, including PDF. Go4Convert has a main focus on providing one of the easiest and hassle-free file conversion services in which users can upload their files and, within a single click, get their desired files.

It focuses on the document side of things; for example, you can convert from documents to PDF and vice versa, but not other file types such as videos or images. This can be seen as good or bad depending on how you want to see things. This file converter is recommended for people who simply want document conversions; adding more file types such as Images and Videos can make the interface more complicated for some people. Therefore if you want simple, fast, and hassle-free PDF conversions, simply visit Go4Convert and get your work done.

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