What do the numbers mean on snapchat? This is the question that must have cropped in the minds of every Snapchat user. Snapchat is one of the major social media platforms used by millions today.

Snapchat app is known to be full of hidden features and variations. This may be a hurdle for many users as they complain that this app is difficult to use. So finding out the number in snapchat, which seems to set along with the username is commonly known as Snapchat score. The username in the profile page can be easily seen with the snapchat score, so head over to the profile page to view this metric. But just looking at the number anyone can easily think of the process of its calculation or the factors used for this metric to be decided.

What Exactly Is A Snapchat Score ?

So according to Snapchat, the Number seen here just indicates a personal profile score that merges all the Snaps you sent and received, and all the other stories you have seen, etc. Still, that is not the precise way to calculate the metric. There is an inbuilt algorithm that does calculate all these factors and then comes to a final conclusive score.

So you can easily accept this process is very similar to the algorithms followed by Google and keeps it secret. This proves that the real Snapchat score you might receive is generally based on some unclear factors/criteria. Giving a rough idea we can say that ..According to Snapchat, the total number of Snaps you have sent and received mainly determines the score. You only get one point for every Snap you send and one point for every other Snap you receive. There is no provision where a user gets some points for snapchat stories.

How To Increase Snap Score ?

The easiest way to understand the Snap score, given nobody exactly knows the calculation process of the score, It is a collection of all your different types of interactions while utilizing the app (excluding chats). Considering, the higher is the usage of this app, the more higher your number will be. It seems very simple to do and perform through the app.

On the Internet, you can see that There are huge number of sites which offer services to increase and improve your score by multiple thousands of points with just a simple click of a button, but these kind of “hacks” are more likely to take you down towards a dirty way of spam and account or identity theft than result in higher numbers. 

If you are an avid user who is highly determined on increasing up your numbers within a short timeframe, here is an effective method that possibly works- You just need to follow a bunch of celebs on this app and send them lots of snaps. You will notice that your score improves and goes up quickly even if nobody among the receivers opens your snap, so if you send David Guetta 1,000 snaps of your new car every week, you can be among the 10k club in very little time. As an average Joe, you will never be friends with David Guetta, but is it even important?

Another way to improve your number is by receiving snaps. You just need to make a deal with your friends to send you snaps regularly, this will help you increase your overall Snapchat score.

Can Maintaining Streak Can Help Improve Snapchat Numbers?

Till date, Snapchat has never confirmed whether maintaining Snapstreaks would increase your overall score, but here we think that it probably helps in this process. For the creation of Snapstreak with one of your friend, you’ll have to exchange Snaps with them for 3 consecutive days. Once you do that, you’ll instantly see a fire emoji sitting next to the contact’s name.

To maintain a Snapstreak, just have to make sure you exchange at least one Snap — Send and Receive —  with that one person you’re maintaining the Snapstreak. If you fail to perform this activity premature release from the Snapstreaks system would surely become a possibility.

Rewarding System Of Snapchat Numbers

Snapchat has a reputation for awarding trophies for every little achievement. It is an appreciation tactic to keep the users engaged and hooked on to this app. So, anyway, they will certainly reward you for reaching fixed milestones. Here is the detailed information on What are those rewards and how to get them:

1. Baby emoji: When your Snapscore hits 10.

2. Gold star emoji: Score Crossing Over 100.

3. Three-stars emoji: Score Crossing 1000.

4. Red fireworks emoji: Score is in Between 50000 and 100000.

5. Rocket emoji: Score Is more than 100000.

6. Ghost: The ultimate reward, the Ghost emoji, When you accumulate a score of over 500000.

So We hope, you would have got an answer to the question “what does the number mean on snapchat

However, there is no meaning of increasing your score if you don’t need validations by others about your overall social existence or worth.

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