Enlarging images, cropping, resizing, etc are all the features that usually make it to any image editing application but are yet to be executed as per expectations. To change photo size, we tend to forget about the image size, resolutions, or quality. When it comes to businesses for example, you would be encouraged to use visuals over any other medium to convey information, even if the images contain text. Not to mention the dynamic nature of graphic related fields, hence the strong need for an application to change size of photo in an instant. The Vance AI Image Enlarger is one such application, with which you can change photos size. It is an application that is based on modern image processing techniques that can enlarge image with ease. If you want to jump straight into it, there is a guide on ‘how to change photo size’ with the AI Image Enlarger below. As far as the description of the application goes, it promises to enlarge images and upgrade its quality at the same time. Each website has its own specific resolutions that everyone needs to follow and an application like this can be a consistent aid.

What Vance AI Image Enlarger Offers

Vance AI is a comparatively recent addition to the list of image editing softwares all over the Internet. So, it periodically adds new features to its list and one of them is the AI Image Enlarger. All of these applications are based on image processing technology. They usually work and process images automatically so if you are confused about how to change photo size, don’t be, because the technology does it for you. The AI Image Enlarger is an online tool but you can download AI Image Enhancer software and use the AI Image Enlarger embedded in it.

Vance AI products offer a good range of compatibility too. You can use it through desktops and mobile devices. It works on Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS on all kinds of modern Internet browsers such as Google Chrome. The design for both types of devices is similar and works smoothly. It supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG images for now.

The UI design works too. It looks good and works just as well. The essential information is well divided, it does not feel like an overload. For extra information, you can always read through FAQs or click on the Blogs section. Nonetheless, these aspects do not interfere with the main interface and working on it feels polished.

Free Version and Prices

You can use Vance AI products, AI Image Enlarger too, for free with some restrictions. You can enlarge image 5 times a month and there’s no option for batch processing. Other than that, you can change photo size easily.

The Basic package includes 200 credits a month with batch processing of 5 images enabled. It can enlarge image 8x times its original. The price of the Basic plan is $9.90 per month.

The Pro package includes 500 credits a month with batch processing of 10 images enabled. It will also enlarge images 8x times its original on the online version, though the software version has more options. The Pro plan costs $19.90 per month.

Results from AI Image Enlarger

Highway Enlarged Image

In the previous or ‘before’ image, the details are actually good to begin with. However, the AI Image Enlarger removes the noise from the overall cover of the image and it results in a much clearer picture. The broken shackles have a better colour in the ‘after’ picture compared to ‘before’. It is not flawless though, as the background with the many buildings and structures don’t really differ from the ‘before’ picture.

Car Enlarged Image Sample

This image has a large amount of objects such as people, cars, bags, etc. Even here, the original image looks good but the enhanced image has a clear advantage in quality. For one, every object has a clarity to it, and the application has gotten rid of the blur. The ice on the ground looks more dispersed in the enhanced image because you can see every speck of ice.

City enlarged Image sample

Here, there is not a polarizing difference but it is still noticeable. The shapes in the background are well defined though the changes in the spotlight is difficult to discern. Overall, it is a good change.

How to Change Photo Size

1. Visit Vance AI Image Enlarger from the link here to enlarge image. From there, select the Upload Image option in yellow to prompt the upload window.

2. The upload window has a button wherein you can drop an image or click on it to upload an image. After uploading, click on Continue.

3. Now all you have to do is check the comparison image presented by the application and hit Download to save the image.

You can sign up there for free with a Google or Vance AI account.


Leaving aside the negligible things such as the sign up and watermark, the AI Image Enlarger can prove to be an application that you can change photo size with everyday. It resizes and enhances images, works fast, and supports all the main devices and operating systems, which can not be said for many other applications.

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