Robots are not completely taking over the world as of now, but they are becoming increasingly common in every industry ranging from Healthcare, Construction, IT, Manufacturing, Automotive, Technology, Defence, Education, Etc. India is progressing in Robotics technology but still has a long way to go when compared with other major countries of the world.

Robotics can be easily called as one of the fastest-growing technologies replacing repetitive tasks performed by humans since the start of this century particularly when India Is considered. Where Monotonous and repetitive tasks in certain industries are being replaced by Robots.

This robotic technological revolution and development are mainly kickstarted within a few companies or startups which are striving hard to become an established Robotic Company that can compete with other Major Robotic behemoths globally.

Robotics Companies In India:

1. Invento Robotics

This company was founded by Balaji Viswanathan in 2016. The specialization of this firm is the development of humanoid robots for customer interaction. The biggest robot creation of this company is the robot named Mitra – A 5-foot tall humanoid. There are a range of features available within this Robot like face detection, Voice recognition, contextual support, and real-time navigation with automatic features.

2. Asimov Robotics

This company is well-known for its product solutions in areas such as Robotic simulation and major control, computer vision, virtual reality and navigation. It can meet all the requirements of the automation and robotic needs of today’s world. Their main focused products include robots used for research (e.g. X-Terrabot, Lamarck Humanoid, ), medical robots (Cranio), service-related robots (APSRA Robot) and Defense/military robots. They also offer several robot-related services other than robotic products.

3. Skilancer Solar

Skilancer Solar is the brainchild of Neeraj Kumar – an alumni of IIT Jodhpur and incubated in IIM Lucknow. It produces and manufactures robotic arms for the auto cleaning process of solar modules waterless, centrally controlled, self-powered. As the water scarcity in India is rising so are the challenges in manual/conventional methods of cleaning and cleaning processes, Skilancer’s cleaning services give away better service based processes for solar-based plants and industries/factories using solar panels.

4. Sastra Robotics

One of the most noticed robotic startups. This start-up develops and delivers Robotic solutions for human-like automated testing which is functional in terms of real physical devices. A large number of their products are already being utilized by top service providers and OEMs to accelerate test cycles and decrease the time-to-market of their own produced products.

It is known for developing mobile robots, telepresence robots, robot APIs, robot interfacing and simulation software, open-source robotic libraries including prosthetic robotic legs as well as arms. Its famous SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robotic Arm) robot can perform most monotonous tasks for usages such as transferring products, milling, or even 3D printing, and is being installed and used by Bosch to test touchscreens.

5. Systemantics

This is a fully homegrown robotics company which supplies and develops industrial robots Like its flagship Asystr 602, which is a uniquely designed hybrid robot where it combines of large working volume of a serial link arm with the fast cyclical times and low power usage of parallel link arms. This company has various products like basic technologies of robotic arms, Servo AC Motors, Servo motion controllers, Speed reducers, etc. Based in Bangalore, they offer value for money solutions to many big organizations in the robotics market.

6. Gridbots

This company is based in Ahmedabad, where its company’s robots find ways to work inside different sectors like defense, space, nuclear and industrial. Gridbots developed a flagship underwater robot that can clean water tanks, in homes, large buildings and in industrial settings. Indian Navy was the first to use Gridbots robots and since then the company has scaled great heights to become a major robotics company in India. As of now, Gridbots gives services to some of the biggest PSUs (Public sector Undertakings) in the Nation such as ONGC, National Gas Corporation, ISRO and multiple other companies

7. Addverb

Another major homegrown robotics company that specializes in providing end-to-end automation solutions and follows a 4D (Discover-Design-Deploy-Dedicated Support) approach, which ensures that the relevant automation solution is provided for a customer’s problem, right from the discovery of the problem to designing the solution and selecting a mix of technology towards the final project execution and product support. This company uses its proprietary hardware and software system to build these products, services and applications.

8. GreyOrange

One of those rare Indian Robotics startup to develop a reputation in The Robotics Industry. This company builds Robots for warehouse automation, i.e. it designs, manufactures and installs next-gen robotics systems for automation at distribution centers. 

The flagship product of this company, the ‘Butler System’, is generally a high-tech material-handling system that simultaneously enhances speed, accuracy, and productivity. It consists of a grid of paths across a warehouse floor where fast-moving robots(mobile) roam, fetching racks of items to a packer. The time when the packer removes an item and packages it for shipping, the racks are fully replaced in their respective place by the robots.

9. PARI Robotics

PARI Robotics is one of the largest automation companies in the world. It was founded in 1991, with its headquarters in India. Since its foundation, PARI Robotics has deployed over 1,500 automated systems globally. It has been the undisputed global turnkey installation provider for more than 25 years, spread across four continents and in more than 25 countries. Lower operational costs and a faster and excellent return on investment make PARI’s range of products very popular and useful.


This is another well known and high flying robotics/automation company that provides turnkey industrial Automation solutions and products with high-tech industrial robots.

Its solutions and services include Automotive BIW Weld lines (Manual Robot automation),  Arc welding lines and cells, Robot depended systems for machine tending, sealing, foundry, plastic cutting system, and other major industrial applications.

DiFacto’s basic softwares include Process Simulate (formerly Robcad), Delmia, CimStation Robotics. Its robotized software products are Roboguide, Robotstudio, and Motosim.

Thus, the list of the Top Robotics Companies In India is complete with all the reputed organizations listed here. If any company has been missed, We expect it to be mentioned in the comments section.

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